Customer support

An efficient help desk is a great way to increase customer happiness (and thus referrals).

Why You Should Want This

  • Our web solution can reduce support costs, especially when a reserved space for customers is implemented.
  • Angry customers can give you bad PR like never before.
    • This video has over 15 million views

Donald Porter, British Airways wrote:
Customers don't expect you to be perfect. They do expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

Key Features
of the Customer Support Solution

  • Discussion forums
  • Technical documentation
  • Users can self-register (with optional admin approval)
  • Ticket system (for when the customer wants help in private)
  • Bug tracker (for when the issue applies to all and should be public)

General Features

  • Ability to continually update your information
  • User management, groups and permissions
  • Mobile version
  • Notifications of changes
  • Powerful search

Included Services

Price for the Customer Support Solution

Including setup + ongoing support and maintenance

Simple Design: $2900 + $87 / month
Advanced Design: $5900 + $177 / month

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Customer Support
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