1. First contact us to briefly describe your project.
  2. We then proceed to a first web conference meeting. This is usually 30-90 minutes and there is no charge. This will lead us to one of the following conclusions:
    • The project fits in one of the Packages.
    • The project is more suitable for a bank of hours or pay as you go.
    • You want a fixed bid, in which case you will prepare a Request for Proposal (RfP) document for us to quote on. We likely both need to do some research and analysis.
    • We are not a right fit and we'll try to recommend to you a more suitable provider.
  3. Reach an agreement
  4. Setup and deployment phase
    • We'll set up a temporary space (companya.avantech.net) so you can become familiar with your environment.
  5. Launch: Project is delivered.
  6. Post-launch phase. You are using the new system but it's still new and more support is needed.
  7. Ongoing usage phase.

Evaluation meeting

  • Main goals of the project? Always remember What the client really needed.
    • Sell more
    • Better image
    • Reach better clients
    • Improve productivity
    • Get more collaboration
    • Become more scaleable
    • Migrate out of dead-end tech or a lock-in situation
    • Modernize
    • Permit working remotely (for example, from home)
    • Make it easier to increase team size, without the usual overhead (for example, by using freelancers)
  • Tell us more
    • Websites you like
  • How we should work together?
    • You want to outsource more or grow your in-house expertise?
    • You want us to help with just a specific project or to become long-term partners?
    • Packages, banks of hours or quote?
      • If your needs are covered by a package: That is why we made them .
      • If unclear: bank of hours
      • If you want a quote, we are happy to review a Request for Proposal (RfP) document.

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