If you have a clearly-defined project and you are sending out an RfP (Request for Proposal) document to a few potential suppliers, please contact us with the information.

We understand that not everything in the project may be clear yet. However, we can provide a fixed quote on the things that are clear, and some estimates on the things that are still unclear. We can also work on a prototype.

If AvanTech gets picked for a project and our bid is lower than the other bidders', we ask that you earmark the difference for funding improvements in the WikiSuite. In that case, we'll work with you to pick some features that your organization will need in the future. Thus . . .

  • This is a way for you to contribute to the greater ecosystem.
  • Feature availability is enhanced for your future needs.
  • It doesn't cost more than the project would cost if AvanTech and WikiSuite didn't exist.

See also: Estimates and quote on tasks