Training team members or customers

Jeff Rich wrote:
If you think education is expensive, try ignorance.

Why You Should Want This

  • Quickly increases efficiency of new team members
  • Makes sure all team members are keeping up to date
  • Improves consistency of customer service

The Solution

Key Features
of the E-learning Solution

  • Webinars (which can be recorded)
  • Calendar of webinars
  • Participants self-register
  • Quizzes and Exercises

General Features

  • Ability to continually update your information
  • User management, groups and permissions
  • Mobile version
  • Notifications of changes
  • Powerful search

Included Services

Price for the E-learning Solution

Including setup + ongoing support and maintenance

Simple Design: $2900 + $87 / month
Advanced Design: $5900 + $177 / month

Interested in the
Solution, but You
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Optional Services