Enable any number of people to collaborate on a document

Great for annual reports, theses, dissertations, etc. Once the team has finished the content, the data can be exported for use by a book publisher. The site can be kept as an online companion to the printed book.

The Solution

Key Features
of the Collaborative Book Solution

  • Multiple editors can work simultaneously on a document.
  • Version history is kept.
  • Granular access permissions control access.
  • Per-page comments expand discussion and understanding.
  • Table of contents automatically generated.
  • Etc.

General Features

  • Ability to continually update your information
  • User management, groups and permissions
  • Mobile version
  • Notifications of changes
  • Powerful search

Included Services

Price for the Collaborative Book Solution

Including setup + ongoing support and maintenance

Simple Design: $2900 + $87 / month
Advanced Design: $5900 + $177 / month

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Collaborative Book
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