Client types

Since we work with Free / Libre / Open Source solutions and since there is no lock-in, our clients are those who prefer to hire experts and save their own time. If you prefer to invest some time and save some money, please do join the various projects to make them better.

Enterprise departments

  • Larger organizations typically have a huge number of apps to manage. They typically come to see us for consulting services for advanced configuration of Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware.

SMEs and Associations

  • We aim to be a major tech supplier for these organizations. We have a broad array of solutions in the WikiSuite.


  • Consulting companies or freelancers that include our services in their offering. They want to outsource the technical tasks so they can focus on content, strategy, branding, design, and so on.

Business incubators and serial entrepreneurs

  • They want a one-stop shop for all tech needs.