AvanTech offers Integrated Information Management Solutions powered by Free / Libre / Open Source software.


  • Promote your products and services through a website indexed by search engines. Your team can update your content. Website

Team Collaboration 

  • Improve efficiency and reduce the volume of emails by using shared project management tools. Team Collaboration

Customer Support 

  • Reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction with an efficient customer support service. Customer support

Membership Management 

Social Networking 

  • Empower people to interact and help each other around a common interest. Social Networking

Shopping Cart 

  • Sell products, services and subscriptions online. Shopping Cart

Knowledge Base 

Multilingual Glossary 

Event Management 

Collaborative Book 


Sales Force Management 

Digital Signage 

  • Display your content on large screens for your office or trade shows. Digital Signage

Custom Solutions