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Vendor Choice: The Passion, The Vision, The Team

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The Passion
The Vision
The Team
What Makes Our Company Tick?

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We’re a global information management company serving aspiring organizations and large enterprises.
We leverage value from WikiSuite Open Source information management software by creating ready-to-use solutions for our clients around the world.
We educate on and promote the use of the WikiSuite Open Source digital platform, and we offer turnkey solutions to meet your information management needs.
We facilitate digital transformation, one customer, at a time.

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The Passion
An organization is its people. In our case, our team shares a passion for the ability of Open Source technology to supercharge digital innovation, drive creativity, and build and distribute wealth fairly, ultimately making for a better world.
Many of our best contributors are bright sparks, hard-working dads, part-time carers, dedicated mums, college nerds . . . the sort of people that you’ll find at their best when they’re solving problems, building things, making the world function a little more smoothly.
They come together to build something special.
It could be your something special.

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The Vision
Our vision is a free Open Source information management ecosystem that creative people around the world can use to build wealth for their organizations, communities, and families by applying it to provide a competitive advantage by operating digital platforms that meet not just part of but 100% of their company needs.
Why? Creating a "single version of the truth" digital environment is predicated on IT systems and apps talking together. That doesn’t happen with proprietary software:

  • It’s too expensive to fine-tune or tailor.
  • SaaS apps are rarely ‘good sharers’.
  • Most vendors operate pile-it-high business models that entail large maintenance and upgrade costs.
  • Almost always proprietary apps leave a messy legacy burden for IT teams.

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The Team
We are over 40 team members across four continents
Our workforce is primarily comprised of software programmers, analysts, consultants and project managers. Many have worked with us for a number of years.
Each of our team has been selected based on their experience and track record of project success. As the leading providerExagerated of Open Source information management, we are part of a global community of more than 20,000 individualsReference? involved in Open Source software development.
We get to pick the brightest minds and the most gifted talents to add to our team.
We use our own software to run our business.
Every aspect of our business, from the software that runs our website and powers our conference calls, to the back-office CRM and finance software that drives our business, originates from the same code that we provide to our clients. We are our own best reference site.
What characterizes our people?
Highly intelligent problem-solvers, we are people who get the job done –- with a commitment to delivering exceptional customer value underpinned by a deep appreciation of the Open Source ethos.

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Find out more about our values

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We care about the planet
''We all live on the same planet
One planet
There is no 'planet b'''
If any reason were needed, we encourage all of our people to take environmental sustainability seriously.
Fortunately, in our organization, we do very few things that might contribute to a carbon footprint, or produce unwarranted package waste or emissions. The biggest impacts relate to travel and transport choices.
Nevertheless, we believe it is incumbent on each one of us to do what we can to consider our actions and choices to minimize the impact on the sustainability of our planet.
For more details, please ask for a copy of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda. It explains in detail what we do to keep the planet safe, and how well we’re doing.

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10 things we do to minimize our sustainability impact as a company.

  • Appoint an environmental officer.
  • Encourage working from home to eliminate or minimize commuter impacts.
  • Leverage virtual conferencing as a means to reduce air miles.
  • Recommend our people not use non-recyclable coffee cups and other packaging.
  • Source energy from 100% recyclable sources for our premises whenever we can.
  • Engage in carbon-neutral programs.
  • Discourage use of hard copy, and use of laser printers that create more emissions, consume more energy, produce more package waste, and result in higher frequency replacement cycles.
  • Regularly attend environmental and ISO 14001 events to benchmark our processes.
  • Review our environmental impact each year.
  • Encourage our people to make sustainable choices.

Behaviors we encourage in our workforce, suppliers, and partners

  • Always consider whether your journey is necessary
  • If it is, consider the sustainability impact of your travel choice.
  • When commuting, find out if you can car-share.
  • Use the social office and virtual conferencing tools we provide to conduct meetings online when you can
  • Explore if your home or office energy provider is sourcing energy from 100% recyclable sources and, if not, see if you can switch.
  • Consider the recyclability of packaging materials for parcels you request or ship.
  • Don’t print or mail documents unless you have to.
  • And sign up at the WWF carbon footprint calculator to discover your carbon footprint at:

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Data Privacy

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We believe that digital data privacy is a human right
Regardless of any legal safeguards, we believe that it is a fundamental human right for an individual to have governance over their personal data and how it is used.
In a data-driven world, it's more difficult than ever to protect the use of personal data.
We take every precaution to keep data safe, practicing Privacy by Design, which means the foundation of every system, process, and decision is framed by our ability to honor the rights of citizens to have their data protected.
Safeguards we adopt to maintain citizen data privacy rights include:

  1. Having an appointed Data Protection Officer
  2. Embracing the Privacy by Design principle that underpins the General Data Protection Regulation
  3. Always ensuring we have appropriate permissions to process and store data
  4. Making sensible choices in the type of personal data we process and store
  5. Operating documented and formalized processes that include clear instructions over the handling, storage and erasing of personal data
  6. Locating data servers within the territory of the data subject
  7. Maintaining a single version of the truth data model that removes the risk in IS
  8. Performing regular assessments of the efficacy of our data privacy and protection policies, and their enforcement
  9. Operating an effective workforce induction and lifelong learning approach that ensures that our people appreciate their responsibilities when it comes to processing and personal data

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Data Security

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In a connected world, it has become simpler for criminals to access, intercept or acquire data. Data is always at risk - in transit, or in storage.

  • EvoluData is a technology services company with global clients and a distributed workforce. Our organization relies on data, lives on it.
  • We hold data on our employees, process data on behalf of our clients, and potentially have access to confidential and sensitive data our clients hold on their customers.
  • In such a data-rich, federated ecosystem, we recognize the threats that exist to misplace or lose data. For this reason, we operate a robust data security policy.

Safeguards we adopt to keep data safe include:

  1. Having an appointed Data Security Officer
  2. Operating our business activities in accordance with ISO 27002 best-practice principles
  3. Installing security policies that prohibit team members from using unencrypted hard drives or personal email addresses, or removing data from client or company sites without consent
  4. Always ensuring users have appropriate permissions to process and store data
  5. Maintaining a team member handbook, and operating an effective workforce induction and lifelong learning approach that ensures our people appreciate their responsibilities when it comes to data security
  6. Installing physical security measures to reduce the risk of compromise to perimeter security defenses that might cause people to assume unauthorized users are permitted to operate in the workspace
  7. Adopting suitable data backup procedures
  8. Adopting virtual security measures to prohibit unauthorized access to trusted networks

Leveraging technology tools to secure data in transit and in storage

  1. Providing awareness training and simple mechanisms for users to report suspicious phishing emails
  2. Operating documented and formalized processes that include clear instructions on the handling of data and protocols surrounding how to handle client information
  3. Maintaining a single version of the truth data model that reduces the risk of data replication, and holding data locally on hard driver
  4. Performing regular assessments of the efficacy of our data security policies, and their enforcement

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Fairness and Diversity

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Every month of the year, EvoluData brings wealth creation to people operating across five continents
We’re passionate about the opportunity technology innovation offers to sponsor entrepreneurialism and distributed wealth creation.
Fundamental to our principles is a belief in the spirit of fair play founded on meritocratic values; promoting individualism and a sense of community-oriented around wealth creation.
Open Source technology thrives on the goodwill of individuals working together for the common good.
There's no place in our ecosystem for bigotry, racism, sexual discrimination or any other behaviors that distort a community-driven by self-worth and endeavor.
Things we do to protect the fairness culture of our organization and larger work community include:

  • Ensuring executive hiring and operational decisions are not influenced by gender bias language.
  • Making clear to our workforce through our company handbook that we adopt a zero-tolerance approach to discrimination of any form.
  • Reminding our workforce and customers of the importance of fair-play and even-handed decision-making through our internal communications and training.
  • Encouraging our workforce to take our effective communications course that highlights the importance of appreciating cultural differences to avoid upset or misunderstandings.
  • Our whistle-blower hotline email address to report perceived bias or behaviors deemed to be inappropriate - which we are committed to taking extremely seriously.

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How we work

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We Sell Outcomes, Not Software
Invest in a solution from EvoluData, you’re not buying a piece of software. What you buy are clear outcomes tied to a Statement of Work (SOW) and a fully costed proposal that includes:

  • Design of your solution
  • Configuration to your best-fit needs
  • A technical support agreement
  • Clearly costed optional enhancements and access to our expert resources on a time and materials basis

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The Software is Always Free
The great thing about Open Source from EvoluData is the software we configure for you is supplied completely free. No strings.
We calculate that there are over 500,000 development hours accumulated in our software. That is equivalent to US$5 million in value.
There are also many other suppliers that can do the work we do, so you’re not commercially tied in any way.

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Transparent Proposals
We’ve pioneered an approach to writing proposals that ensures you know precisely what to expect and what you’re paying.
That’s because we believe transparency and clarity in contract negotiations is fundamentally better for both parties.
Request a proposal and experience the refreshing difference in our freedom agreements.

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__On time
On price
…and 100% fit!__
The scope and capability of a WikiSuite digital information management system is mind-boggling. In short, it offers a level of dexterity and capability that isn’t available in proprietary software.
And did we mention it’s free?
When we’re delivering your 100% best-fit solution we don’t have to worry about writing code. That means we can focus on tailoring your digital platform to deliver the functionality your business needs.

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Your Data Safety Is Always Our First Concern

  • We often hear concerns that Open Source software isn’t safe; or at least it isn’t as safe as proprietary software.
  • That’s even though we adopt precisely the same controls and tools to validate the cleanness of our code.
  • Download our data security paper to dig into the details of our comprehensive approach to keeping your data safe.

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No Legacy Burden

  • Legacy burden refers to the technology support overhead and upgrade costs associated with keeping aging IT systems alive.
  • When organizations increase the number of apps and rely on proprietary software that depends on a small talent pool, they seismically increase risks of costly legacy burden.
  • WikiSuite is "community-owned", not owned by a single privately-held organization.
  • And its components are supported by a global community of more than 20,000 developers, which means you’ll never be short of someone to call on to support and adapt it.

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Always a Competitive Advantage
Competitive advantage comes from delivering more value to your customers at a lower cost.
Most proprietary software simply replicates process automation to an entire peer group of businesses.
That’s because the software isn’t tailored to fit your precise business model orchestration.

EvoluData designs your technology ecosystem to deliver 100% of your digital evolution.
That means you get a best-fit turnkey solution that ensures your enterprise can work smarter and more efficiently than your competitors.
In a digital world characterized by hyper-competitive markets that are constantly being reinvented by technology, the competitive advantage we bring might make a difference, don’t you think?

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Great People!

  • You may know this already, but we’ve got some of the greatest people in our team ~--! friendly, too.
  • Don’t be surprised by the dedication and commitment in our team to deliver you the best result. It’s encoded in our DNA!

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Take the next step to discovering Open Source