This is a proposed story after this research: VOIP, to integrate with SignalWire

Big picture goals

  • We will provide 24/ 7 support so we need an efficient way for clients to reach an agent
  • Increase security for server access by adding 2FA
  • All work/communication must be manageable as a team so we can scale to hundreds of team members
  • Data plan only
  • Improve Tiki as a CRM
  • New services to current and future clients
  • Keep it open to other integrations later
  • Build in parallel to PluginMeeting inspired by PluginBigBlueButton


  1. Install https://packagist.org/packages/signalwire/signalwire via http://doc.tiki.org/Packages
  2. Sign up to https://signalwire.com/signin
  3. Create an API token and enter in your Tiki instance

MVP Features

Call me button

Like https://www.anveo.com/business/demo.asp?code=contactme
The should be an option to record the call.

Medium term


Team-Managed SMS

  • We receive SMSs for 2FA and to validate suspicious transactions. Instead of going to individual cell phones, they should go to Tiki, where they can be managed by a team.

Perhaps in Cypht, as additional chats in Converse, http://doc.tiki.org/Inter-User-Messages or a new UI.

This app seems to work well so far: item45848-Register-and-test-textable-app

Automatic timesheets

  • When we interact with clients via the system, it should automatically log time sheets. And someone will proceed to a Timesheet assessment.

Call out team members for a phone meeting

We should have frequent scheduled touch base meetings.

These should be in Tiki Calendars and CalDAV and all participants should receive a call (If they are not already connected via
the Jitsi Meet app)

  • Meeting starts on time
  • No need to fiddle with camera or mic. Just answer the phone.

Videoconference / WebRTC

Hosted videoconferences, with recording and call out.

Long term goals

Manage a call center

Online classroom