This page is for candidates to become team members of EvoluData.com to work on WikiSuite.org

You will receive an email for an online test.

The test will be very broad and cover many topics, from

  • Software development (PHP, SQL)
  • Database Administration
  • DevOps (Linux, Shell)
  • Web integration (HTML, JS, CSS)
  • UX and Graphic design
  • Testing and Quality Control
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Customer Support
  • Reasoning (Logical, Abstract, Math, Numerical and Verbal)
  • Project and Time Management
  • Communication
  • Administration and Management
  • Accounting
  • Attention to Detail
  • etc.

We don't expect you do be knowledgeable in all these aspects. Just answer what you can and if there are topics that you don't know, just skip and ahead and don't worry.

Why are tests so broad?

  • Candidates at the beginning of their career don't really have a useful CV.
  • People have many interests and skills. So if a software developer also has competence in marketing (for example), we want to know as this will influence project list

The test will last several hours, and you can't pause. When you reach questions for which you have no idea, just do your best and move on to the next question.