Digital Signage

Your content on large screens for your office or trade shows, etc.

The Solution

Key Features
of the Digital Signage Solution

  • All your screens centrally managed via a web page
  • Wide range of content supported (text, videos, pictures, etc.)
  • Works offline (cache)
  • Schedule the display of your content
  • Includes two boxes containing Android devices to manage two screens

General Features

  • Update your information with your password
  • User management, groups and permissions

Included Services

Price for the Digital Signage Solution

Including setup + ongoing support and maintenance

Simple Design: $2900 + $87 / month
Advanced Design: $5900 + $177 / month

Interested in the
Digital Signage
Solution, but You
Need More?

Check out our packages to see how you can combine this solution with others and get more features!

You can combine with other packages. Please see information about Design options.

Optional Services

  • Integration with existing data sources
  • Data migration (for example, conversion from PowerPoint)