A play of Maslow's hierarchy of needs, here is a ladder of information management maturity. Focus is on general tools for team efficiency (and not tools to interact with customers or prospects)

Start from the bottom in your journey for digital transformation.

See also Digital Evolution: Steps to become data driven

Machine Learning / AI

  • Detect patterns and anomalies

Alerts and Exceptions

Add actions and alerts on known thresholds

Reports and BI

Use data to help planning decision-making

Task and Time Tracking

Use WikiSuite for tracking tasks and time sheets. Makes it possible to know who is working on what, and how much time is invested.

Collective intelligence

Use wiki and trackers for brainstorming and project management
Have a high-level dashboard of projects

Enterprise Social Networking

  • Human Resource database with public and private profiles
  • Find Expertise
  • Discovery

Active Forms with Trackers and Databases

  • Replace static forms with active forms with reports and data management
  • Replace emails with proper business process handling and logs (for auditing)

Contract / Proposal Management

  • Standard contracts
  • Exception database


Building on select parts of the knowledge base, pro-active training of select types of team members (usually a large number, where it makes sense) Ex.: High turnover

Agree and document policies and procedures

This is also how we start.

  • This is a non-threatening 1st project
  • Can be self-contained
  • A small team produces content for a large group. Easier to start.