Avan.tech provides services around these technologies.

Installation and upgrades 

We can install Tiki on your existing infrastructure. We'll set things up to make upgrades easy. We'll also provide advice on the best version to install (current stable, LTS, etc.) Software Upgrades.

Hosting and tech support 

We can provide a reliable infrastructure for your applications Full Service Hosting.

Configuration and customization 

We'll help you set up and take advantage of all the features.

Business consulting 

Business process management (BPM)

  • Analytics
  • Increase sales (SEO, marketing, etc.)
  • Increase efficiency (reduce costs, reduce delays, etc.)
  • Because of our high level of technical expertise, we are not like these guys:


Once Tiki is deployed, if you encounter issues, we’ll be there to help.


We can set up online training sessions for various features. On-site training is also available.

Features development 

We can develop the features you might need and upstream the improvements to the official code base of the project, to benefit the community as a whole. The advantage for you, the client, is that you don't have to maintain a divergent code base (local fork).


We set up specialized monitoring systems.


If you are hosting locally, but want off-site automated backups Backups.

Screen scraping 

Get information from web pages and store in a database.

Marketing and advertising 

Branding, design, Search Engine Optimization and online advertising and social media promotion support


English and French Translation (and to and from other languages)

Tiki Enterprise Support for 10 years 

Please see: Tiki Enterprise Support